University Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies


December 9, 2008 – 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.


University Visitor Center – Conference Room 201





I.                    Old Business:


a.         Restricted Majors at University of Delaware (attachment) John will make the final revisions and circulate for final approval

b.        Request to revise Minor to include an option with language: International Business Minor/International Business Minor w/ Language (attachment) (attachment) – Approved as is

c.         Request to add a Minor: International Business Studies (attachment) (attachment) – Approved w/ request for more information.  John will send email

d.        Request to revise a Minor in Business Administration (attachment) (attachment) – Approved w/ request for more information.  John will send email

e.         Update on Status of Multicultural Course Reviews – Will review these in January

f.          Update on Status of DLE Course Reviews – All courses were circulated.  Partners and courses were assigned (See Karren’s notes in file)

g.         Update on Status of FYE Course Reviews – John will look at these.  Eleven are currently ready


II.                 New Business:


a.         Request to add a new Major: BS Neuroscience (attachment) - Hold until next meeting

b.        Request to add a new Minor: Dance  (attachment) – Hold until next meeting

c.         Revision to the BS Psychology Major (attachment) – Approved.  Old course should be deleted

d.        Revision to the BS Chemistry Major (attachment) – Approved w/ clarification.  Check FYE course

e.         Revision to the BA Chemistry Major (attachment) – Approved w/ clarification. Check FYE course

f.          Revision to the BA Chemistry Major (XCE) (attachment) – Approved w/ questions

g.         Revision to the BS Biochemistry Major (attachment) – Approved. Check FYE course

h.         Request to add a minor in Human Development and Family Studies (attachment) – Hold until next meeting

i.           Request to revise Concentration/Policy Change (attachment) Approved when qualification problem is solved

j.          Request to revise the major in Fashion Merchandising ( attachment) – Approved

k.        Request to add a minor in Fashion History and Culture (attachment) – Approved

l.           Request to revise Apparel Design Major (attachment) – Approved

m.       Request to add a minor in Urban Education  ( attachment) – Hold until next meeting

n.         Request to revise Elementary Teacher Education Major (attachment) – Hold until next meeting

o.        Request to revise Educational Studies Minor (attachment) – Approved

p.        Request to revise the degree requirements in Finance (attachment) – Approved

q.        Request to revise the Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree program (attachment) – Approved

r.          Request to revise the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree program (attachment) – Approved


I.                    Other: Karren will send email to schedule next meeting


II.                 Adjournment: 4:32 p.m.