University Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies


November 11, 20089:30 - 10:45 a.m.


180 S. College Avenue





I.                    Old Business: DLE requirements – The order of the agenda was changed in order to cover some of the issues with an upcoming deadline.  This item was not discussed at this time.


II.                 New Business:

a.         Restricted Majors at University of Delaware (attachment) – This item was introduced on the Senate floor by Senator Worden.  Joe DiMartile noted that this was intended to make the process easier.  Joe sat on the original committee that discussed this.  The college of Business and Economics was a focus.  Business has a full house now so to speak, and this would affect resources.  Who determines whether it’s restricted or not, was one of the questions.  The answer is that it is the Deans.  Harris Ross noted that it would appear that either more faculty would have to be hired or restrict more students.  Hye-Shin noted that FASH would have the same resource concern.  She explained that they have 50+ students and with no T/A help now.  Another issue to come up was the C- issue.  It was a concern that students would not pass a course such as math, etc.  Other discussions were that this falls under the idea that everyone accepted will graduate in their existing major.  Certain committee members also felt that this would cause a burden on faculty as they would most likely need to help pull these students through.  Ultimately John Madsen, Chair, asked the committee to further study this issue prior to our next meeting, and be prepared to make a recommendation to the Coordinating Committee.


b.        Request to revise Minor to include an option with language: International Business Minor/International Business Minor w/ Language (attachment) (attachment) – Hold.  This item was held due to questions concerning 1 language course is making up for a minor.  It was suggested that perhaps 2 language courses would be more suitable.  2 @ the 200 level of a language course of choice.  A 24 credit minor was suggested.  It was the opinion of the committee that one additional course should not constitute a minor.  What is the learning goal was one of the questions as well as what is the difference between these minors.  John Madsen will send an email with the committee’s questions, concerns and suggestions.


c.         Request to add a Minor: International Business Studies (attachment) (attachment) – Hold.  It’s purpose is to encourage students outside the college.  Restricted major?  This opens up to anyone?  What do they view as potential enrollment, what are the projected numbers? Is it typical to add two courses and make it a minor?

d.        Request to revise a Minor in Business Administration (attachment) -   The revision brings this 39 credit minor down to 18 credits if the student is in the college.  If not, then it reduces the number of credits to 22.  Would they consider MATH205? Toby suggested simplifying with fundamentals and principles

e.         Request to add a Minor: Advertising Minor (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)  Approved with minor resource concerns. 

f.          Request to split a Department with in the college of Health Sciences into two departments (attachment) – Approved.   This item will go onto Graduate Studies now.

g.         Request to revise Breadth Requirements for BA degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences (attachment) Approved. Communication between John Madsen and Dean Apple have taken place and  this item will go to the Coordinating Committee on Education for further discussions.

h.         Report from Ad hoc Cte. on Breadth Requirements at UD – Will be considered at the 11/18 meeting.

i.           Update on Status of Multicultural Course Reviews – Will be considered at the 11/18 meeting.

j.          Update on Status of DLE Course Reviews – Will be considered at the 11/18 meeting.

k.        Update on Status of FYE Course Reviews – Will be considered at the 11/18 meeting.


I.                    Other:


II.                 Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 10:45a.m.



Note:  John Madsen’s Notes (attached)